Friday, February 6, 2015

Shabby White Armoire

```````````Happy Belated New Year everybody!!  I am so excited to have a fresh start, a new beginning.
My first project this year had me so inspired. I bought this Armoire from my good friend Jennifer at Lions Gate Market. It had good bones, but the finish screamed 80's.

It was big & Blonde, but it had good bones.

It's a Thomasville!

The previous owner had cut out the back to accommodate a T.V., There was a pole in it at one time & there was also an electrical plug with the cable cord. So it was very versatile, it could be an entertainment center or a clothing Armoire. 

I had big plans for this Beauty:  The first thing I did was give it a new Beadboard back.  Then I had to get rid of the Blonde finish so I painted it Bright White.  The old Blonde finish had a Faux distressing so I had to re-create the distressing with paint. So I painted the distressing back on, only in Black.  Then I did a clear wax on the whole thing. 

 To make the detail pop, I did a Black wax. I mixed Black paint right into my Clear Wax.

Here's a picture before Black wax:

Here is a picture after Black wax:



Left side door has Black wax, Right side doesn't.

This is a good close up of the Faux Distressing: 

Love the new back! We cut a hole on the lower right hand side just in case someone wanted to use it as an entertainment center. I hope it goes in a Baby Girls Nursery.  

Or maybe even a very Sophisticated teenage Girls Shabby Chic bedroom.

Oh, who am I kidding!?  It could easily go in a grown up Woman's Dressing room.....

Available at V Trading in Grand Blanc, MI

Someday I hope to have a big enough Bedroom/dressing room,  so I can have one of these for my very own.  Where would you use this Beautiful piece?  Armoire or Entertainment Center?

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Shabby Black Bedroom Suite

I've been pretty steady with the custom work this year, I wanted to share my most recent project.
My client had this beautiful pair of dressers with a Full size bed.  The tops of the dressers were in pretty bad shape so she had the tops & the front of the Headboard & foot board upholstered.   
This is what they looked like before I started.

I was really worried about what I would find once we removed the vinyl.

The headboard had approx. 3,942 staple holes in it.

The foot board had it's own set of issues only a Carpenter could address.

This is what the top of the short dresser looked like, yikes!  It took us an entire day to prep these pieces for paint. After scrubbing them with TSP, sanding, wood filling all the staple holes, more sanding & one last wipe down, we were ready to paint.

"Old Scale" was the color choice with the details dry brushed in gold.

Here they are just before I waxed them. They look so much better!

I shined up the hardware with a little fine steel wool.

The one on the left has been cleaned.

Here's the set in their new look.

This dresser is missing one of it's cool drawer pulls, but the client does have it somewhere.

This dresser had the most damage on the top.  I am proud to say you can hardly see there was ever an issue.

I love how the gold dry brushing turned out.

The headboard is amazing!  

And the foot board came out beautiful too.

What an amazing transformation.  I just love that feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally stand back & admire all your hard work.   It motivates me to move on the the next project.

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I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas & I wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!  Dee

Monday, September 1, 2014

MCM Dressers, My New Obsession

Well I think it's safe to say I took the Summer off from Blogging.  My last post was two days into Summer Vacation & now here it is Labor Day already.  I have been busy to say the least. Hope you all had a wonderful Summer.

I was looking through some pictures of my work & noticed how many Mid Century Modern Dressers I've painted. They seem to be my new Obsession.  I love the clean lines. 

This is the dresser that started this new Obsession of mine. It was a roadside treasure that turned out to be one of my favorite dressers I've ever done.

Sometimes the MCM style is straight lines with curvy drawers. 

This was a custom job.  I Love how the French Post card graphic pops on the top of the dresser.

Recently I have been finding these amazing long dressers that work perfectly as entertainment centers. People want them for their large Flat Screen TV's.

This set I painted the same & they sold together.

This is the set I have now.  

Available at V Trading in Grand Blanc, MI

Available at V Trading in Grand Blanc,  MI

I love the paint/wood combination.  I am waiting for the perfect set to come along for myself.  I would love a set of this MCM style in my own home. 

Do you like the Mid Century Modern Style?  Would you paint them or leave them original?

Thank you for stopping by, hopefully I'll be able to slow down some & post more often before the snow flies.  Check me out on Facebook to see what I'm working on.  Have a great day!  Dee