Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Three Spaniards

It seems like lately every thing my Mom & I paint is either Pure White, Old White, Paris Grey, Black or Duck Egg Blue.  Now I'm not complaining, I love all of those colors. Especially since they are good sellers for me. I've been doing some experimenting & have found (at least in my booth) if I stick to those five colors, they sell. It gives me almost a monochromatic palette with the Duck Egg being the one pop of color. I Love It......

About a month ago I found these cute petite chairs:

They had such a unique shape & they were made in Spain, hence the title "The Three Spaniards". The rush seats were shot on two of them so my Mom & I had to get creative with them. We decided to upholster the frame that the rush was woven on. Not an easy task, but we came up with something that worked out pretty well. Here's what they look like now:

We painted the chairs Duck Egg Blue, upholstered the seats in drop cloth & added a graphic to the cushion.

I found this nice wine graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

These little chairs looked so much better painted.

I just love those sexy legs...

So I guess my go to color lately is Duck Egg Blue. Do you have a go to color or color combo that you love?

The Three Spaniards are for sale at Sassy Fabrics (V Trading) in Grand Blanc, MI.  Thanks for visiting & have a great day! Dee

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Day!

It has been a beautiful week here in Michigan. Wednesdays are delivery day for us & last Wednesday after our Grand Blanc delivery my Mom & I decided to drive into Historic Holly's Battle Alley & check out the shops there. This area is famous for their antique & shabby chic shops. We stumbled upon one of the cutest little shops called "Pigeon in the Parlour".  

They have vintage clothes, lots of shabby chic furnishings, beautiful artwork from local artist, painted furniture, handmade soaps & last but not least Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!!! 

I couldn't believe my eyes.  There are only three stocklist in the state of Michigan!  Now the fourth one is right in my area, only 20 minutes away!  I walked right past the paint display & didn't even see it because I was so engrossed in trying to see all the amazing things in this store. I made it all the way upstairs before I seen a couple cans of ASCP displayed on a table.  I made a bee line to the owner to find out why she was displaying ASCP??

The owners Emily & Ray Rath are the nicest people.  Emily explained that she literally just started carrying Annie Sloan & was so surprised at how many local artist she was meeting.  She asked me how I knew so much about this fabulous paint.  After a few minutes of excited conversation & showing her a few pictures of some of my work (thanks to my Mom's cool phone, I so need to get me one of those!), Emily was begging me to bring in some of my stuff to sell in her shop.  I just happened to have a few shabby french pieces that we could start with, so this is what we delivered to Pigeon in the Parlor this Wednesday:


This very shabby french bench!

Here is a close up of the graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

The nice graphic on the drop cloth cushion, hand painted & stenciled.

Available at Collete's Vintage & Antique Mall in Burton, MI
I also brought this little beauty, not realizing the two pieces have the same graphic.  You can read about this table here.

Emily was happy to have this french sign I made out of a foot board from a twin bed. You can read about it here.

So Wednesday was a Happy Day!  I found a new shop to sell my pieces in & I found a stocklist for ASCP & I made a couple of new friends!

If you are ever in the Holly area, stop in & say Hi to Emily & Ray. The Pigeon in the Parlor is at 110 S. Saginaw St. in Holly, MI.  They have a beautiful store filled with handmade treasures.

I hope everyone has a nice Holiday weekend!  Thanks for visiting,  Dee

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I've Been Featured!!

Today when I got home I opened my email & found a nice surprise. Beckie over at Roadkill Rescue informed me that the little dresser I submitted, here ,is being featured on her site today!!   Thank you Beckie!!!

Roadkill Rescue is such a cool site. They feature people that find curbside treasures & take them from trash to treasure.  You can get really great ideas from all the great bloggers out there.  Check it out sometime. I am proud to be a Roadkill Rescuer!!   Thanks again Beckie.  On to the next treasure,  Dee

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Charming Chiffarobe

Early last fall I found the cutest little Chiffarobe on CL. It was such a petite size with a camel back & original lions head hardware.  I was swooning as soon as I laid eyes on it.  When I got it home I immediately decided we needed to keep it. Just for a little while, until the spring. I just couldn't part with it  store it in the garage all winter, it was to nice, the cold damp weather would warp it.  That's how I convinced my hubby to put it in the game room, just until the spring.  Here is what she looked like before the makeover:

I just loved all the cool scroll details & the rounded top.....

When you open it you see the drawers on one side & adjustable shelves on the other.  At some point, the back was modified to make it a media cabinet, which I took full advantage of. 

I had all winter to dream up what exactly I was going to do with this charming little chiffarobe.  This is what I came up with:

My Mom & I painted the outside DIY Chalk Paint in Old white with Pure white on the details.......

Here I am in my finest painting !!!

And Duck Egg Blue on the inside......

I just couldn't resist putting the numbers on the drawers.  I love the reaction you get when you open up the doors & see the inside. The blue is such a surprise & the numbers are the cherry on top!

The hardware was original & in really good condition, so all I did was polish them up!

Painting the scroll work in the bright white really made it pop!


It was bittersweet to deliver this little beauty.  I was able to enjoy it all winter long. I savored every minute of this transformation. When I put her in her temporary home it was kind of sad, until Karen & Denise at V Trading started Eewing & Ahhing over it. That's all I needed to hear. I knew she was in good hands.  They would soon find her a new home.


They put her right in the front window.  She is such a Charming Little Chiffarobe, don't you agree?  Thanks for visiting.... Dee

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Roadside Treasure!

During the warm spell we had here in Michigan in March, the Hubby & I were walking the dog in our neighborhood.  We stumbled upon the best Roadside Treasure yet!  I could hardly believe my eyes.....gasp....there wasn't a thing wrong with it!!!  The neighbor was cleaning out her garage & said they just didn't need it, they had to many dressers, then she loaned us her dolley so we could get it home.  Here is what it looked like:

It had so much potential.  I could do a Union Jack, no... Maybe a silhouette white on black real big, no............. Gradient dark to light, no.......

After alot of pondering, googleing & surfing I just decided to paint it white & hope something would come to me.

So we prepped it for paint & gave it a couple of coats of DIY chalk paint in pure white. Now I had a blank canvas. This is what I came up with:

I just love its simplicity.  I love to put numbers on my pieces & this fit perfectly. I like the way the drawers are framed in by the wood. That was a lucky mistake. We didn't realize the front inset part would show until we were finished painting & put the drawers back in. What a nice surprise & lucky too because we were out of paint! Here's another look at this beauty:


What a score!!!!  I'm sure my neighbor would want it back if she seen it now. I have this Roadside Treasure in my booth at Collette's Vintage & Antique Mall in Burton, MI.

Have you scored a Roadside Treasure lately?? I would love to hear about it. Thanks for visiting & have a great week!  ...... Dee

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Medallion Table

It's been a whirlwind of a month. Since my Dad's passing I have asked my Mom to be my partner & help me with my furniture painting business. She happily accepted. We have been busy all month trying to get the projects I had in my garage completed to make room for some custom work I have coming up. It seems as fast as I can get the pieces painted & delivered Karen & Denise at Sassy Fabrics (V Trading) in Grand Blanc, sell them. Great job girls!! Keep up the good work!!

Anyway, I picked up a pedestal table from CL with two chairs I posted about a few weeks ago Here.  My husband had plans for the chairs, so I knew I would need to find other chairs to go with this table. Here is what I did to the table:

I've been on the hunt for a round table so I could use this very cool medallion stencil on it. I had it left over from my Faux finish days. Here is the only before picture I have of the table:

I painted the base DIY Paris Grey chalk paint, & the top is Old White with a band of Graphite on the edge.  Then I did the stencil in Graphite, sanded, distressed & a couple of coats of clear wax.

Now I needed some chairs....  I went up to Collette's Antique mall (where I have a booth), they have a Flea Market on the weekends.  I was able to score Six solid wood chairs!!!  Two of them are captains chairs.  I couldn't believe my luck.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. Here is a before of the captains chairs, for some reason I don't have one of the four other chairs. They look just like these only without arms:

I painted the captains chairs Paris grey to match the table base & the other four I painted black to match the medallion on the table top.

 Here is one of the captains chairs with the drop cloth cushion. I added a cute graphic to it from The Graphics Fairy.  The four chairs all have a different graphic, then the captains chairs have the same cool Paris crown.  I like the way they coordinate with the table. 

Here's a good look at the medallion on the table top:

Table still available at Sassy Fabrics (V Trading) in Grand Blanc, MI

Sigh..............So very french.....

Well, Karen just did it again!  Sold all six chairs.  Now I have a table without chairs again. Guess I better get used to this.  Nice problem to have right?

Hope you all have a great week & thanks for visiting,  Dee

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I've Been Featured

I am so happy to announce that I've been featured today at

The Power of Paint !!!  

They featured my Set of Drum Tables .

If you haven't had a chance to check out their blog yet, please take a minute & go visit. They feature two people a day with their Painted Stuff.  How cool is that?.....  Thank you Maryann!!