Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Charming Chiffarobe

Early last fall I found the cutest little Chiffarobe on CL. It was such a petite size with a camel back & original lions head hardware.  I was swooning as soon as I laid eyes on it.  When I got it home I immediately decided we needed to keep it. Just for a little while, until the spring. I just couldn't part with it  store it in the garage all winter, it was to nice, the cold damp weather would warp it.  That's how I convinced my hubby to put it in the game room, just until the spring.  Here is what she looked like before the makeover:

I just loved all the cool scroll details & the rounded top.....

When you open it you see the drawers on one side & adjustable shelves on the other.  At some point, the back was modified to make it a media cabinet, which I took full advantage of. 

I had all winter to dream up what exactly I was going to do with this charming little chiffarobe.  This is what I came up with:

My Mom & I painted the outside DIY Chalk Paint in Old white with Pure white on the details.......

Here I am in my finest painting !!!

And Duck Egg Blue on the inside......

I just couldn't resist putting the numbers on the drawers.  I love the reaction you get when you open up the doors & see the inside. The blue is such a surprise & the numbers are the cherry on top!

The hardware was original & in really good condition, so all I did was polish them up!

Painting the scroll work in the bright white really made it pop!


It was bittersweet to deliver this little beauty.  I was able to enjoy it all winter long. I savored every minute of this transformation. When I put her in her temporary home it was kind of sad, until Karen & Denise at V Trading started Eewing & Ahhing over it. That's all I needed to hear. I knew she was in good hands.  They would soon find her a new home.


They put her right in the front window.  She is such a Charming Little Chiffarobe, don't you agree?  Thanks for visiting.... Dee


  1. Awesome piece!! Such character and you did a fabulous job with the paint!

  2. VERY PRETTY! you did a teriffic job~ It;s a very unique piece

  3. so so pretty! love all those details and the feet, and the pretty color inside!

  4. So pretty and I love all the little details too!