Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Day!

It has been a beautiful week here in Michigan. Wednesdays are delivery day for us & last Wednesday after our Grand Blanc delivery my Mom & I decided to drive into Historic Holly's Battle Alley & check out the shops there. This area is famous for their antique & shabby chic shops. We stumbled upon one of the cutest little shops called "Pigeon in the Parlour".  

They have vintage clothes, lots of shabby chic furnishings, beautiful artwork from local artist, painted furniture, handmade soaps & last but not least Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!!! 

I couldn't believe my eyes.  There are only three stocklist in the state of Michigan!  Now the fourth one is right in my area, only 20 minutes away!  I walked right past the paint display & didn't even see it because I was so engrossed in trying to see all the amazing things in this store. I made it all the way upstairs before I seen a couple cans of ASCP displayed on a table.  I made a bee line to the owner to find out why she was displaying ASCP??

The owners Emily & Ray Rath are the nicest people.  Emily explained that she literally just started carrying Annie Sloan & was so surprised at how many local artist she was meeting.  She asked me how I knew so much about this fabulous paint.  After a few minutes of excited conversation & showing her a few pictures of some of my work (thanks to my Mom's cool phone, I so need to get me one of those!), Emily was begging me to bring in some of my stuff to sell in her shop.  I just happened to have a few shabby french pieces that we could start with, so this is what we delivered to Pigeon in the Parlor this Wednesday:


This very shabby french bench!

Here is a close up of the graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

The nice graphic on the drop cloth cushion, hand painted & stenciled.

Available at Collete's Vintage & Antique Mall in Burton, MI
I also brought this little beauty, not realizing the two pieces have the same graphic.  You can read about this table here.

Emily was happy to have this french sign I made out of a foot board from a twin bed. You can read about it here.

So Wednesday was a Happy Day!  I found a new shop to sell my pieces in & I found a stocklist for ASCP & I made a couple of new friends!

If you are ever in the Holly area, stop in & say Hi to Emily & Ray. The Pigeon in the Parlor is at 110 S. Saginaw St. in Holly, MI.  They have a beautiful store filled with handmade treasures.

I hope everyone has a nice Holiday weekend!  Thanks for visiting,  Dee


  1. Congratulations! I love, love the footboard sign! It looks fabulous.

  2. I'm stopping over from Miss Mustard Seed! I am happy to find another MI blogger! I live in the Metro Detroit area. I had heard about Pigeon in the Parlour, but haven't stopped in yet since it's about an hour from my house. But now I really want to go! I'm just starting out painting furniture and hoping to start selling it soon and have been checking out different stores to possibly sell at. So glad I found you and love the bench by the way! So cute. I want to try a graphic out soon!

  3. Be very careful! I'm afraid your beautiful painted items will sell so fast you'll have to work double-time to keep up :>)

    Best of luck!


  4. your handiwork is so lovely. I wish I lived close enough to shop!

  5. That's a lovely bench and yes, you'd better have another one ready for when that one sells. Congrats on getting a place for your furniture!

  6. Wow, these are lovely. I found you on Graphics Fairy's Brag Monday page. I love using Karen's graphics and paint shabby chic myself (in Australia). Come check out my page sometime. How lovely for you to have your things in a store! I'd LOVE that.

  7. Exquisite and very creative work. I am so impressed with what you are doing. Definite recycle, reuse and reinvent is your mantra. Bravo. Virginia

  8. that bench is so perfect for an entry. it's gorgeous! i love the stripe on the seat!

  9. Good for you!!! The things you brought to her are awesome!!

  10. How exciting Dee!!!!!!! My husband and I LOVE Holly and go there quite often! I've been to the Pigeon in the Parlor, but we'll need to make another special trip there soon to see your work displayed! :)Fingers crossed for you for lots of sales!

  11. im so excited for you Dee! I adore the bench I just know its gonna sell QUICK!! Congrats!!!