Friday, November 16, 2012

Repurposed window

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all had a great week & are looking forward to an even better weekend. I know I am. We are having Deer Widows Ladies Night at Collette's Vintage & Antique Mall tomorrow where I have my booth.  I have been super busy getting all stocked up for this event.

A few weeks ago I found a couple of nice roadside treasures in my neighborhood. Four cabinet doors, two were all wood & two had glass panes. I decided to start with the glass doors first. Here is what I started with:

 After a good scrubbing & scraping, I gave it a coat of Black, followed by a coat of Old White. Then I did a wet sand (with a scrubby sponge) & rubbed on a couple of coats of clear wax. Now it was time to decide exactly what to do with this little treasure. There are a 101 things you can do with an old window, just look on Pinterest if you need some inspiration.

I knew I wanted to do one of those cool "Menu" boards, so I went to my favorite graphic site, Graphics Fairy. I printed it out in the Mirror image in the right size & taped it to the front side, turned it over & painted it in with a paint pen.

Graphic taped on the front side.

Here is a picture of the back side.

Then I painted in the Graphic with a paint pen. After the paint was completely dry I took it outside to do the next step.

Frosted Glass Spray Paint. I sprayed right over the graphic on the back side
 of the window.  I gave it four coats, just enough to give it that nice frosted look.  Give it a good 30 min. between coats.

Here it is after about two coats.

 You can see how opaque it gets the more coats you apply.

I let it dry overnight, then put the original knob back on. I love how you are able to see the wall color thru the Frosted glass. Now I have a very cool Dry Erase Board. All the artwork is on the back side so you are able to write on the front side & just wipe it clean.

I always wanted to use this graphic. I just love how it turned out.


I attached a Black Dry Erase Marker on the side with Velcro after I took this picture.  I have one more door just like this one, I think I'll try a different color on that one.

Here is another window I painted using the same Frosted paint.

Table is available at Collette's Antique Mall in Burton, MI

This window sold quickly, but I have another one at Sassy Fabrics (V Trading) in Grand Blanc, MI. Now I need to put some finishing touches on a couple of things for tomorrows sale. Wish me luck!

Have you done a cool window repurpose lately? I'd love to hear about it. Have a great weekend everyone & Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Dee