Monday, December 10, 2012

A Lesson Learned

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you are all in the holiday spirit, I know I will be in about two more days. I've been working on a never ending custom job & it is nearly finished. Then I'll get into the Holiday swing.

Early in the spring a family friend gave us a very dated dining set. It was a table, four chairs & a buffet. I already showed you the buffet, you can read about it hereThe table is big & heavy & the chairs have that cane back. Two of the chairs had big holes punched in the caning.  Here is a picture of one of the chairs:

It was going to be impossible to repair & to expensive to replace, so I went with plan B.  I'm getting ahead of myself here, we first painted them Old White to match the buffet & did a clear wax on them. Here is the only before picture I have of the table (base), unfortunately I had already put one coat on it before I remembered to take the picture.

Now the dilemma with the chairs. I remembered Miss Mustard Seed had upholstered a caned back chair & used her tutorial as my guide, you can read about it here.  We went to our local upholstery shop & got some great advice on cost effective material & some tricks of the trade. My Mom & I plan on taking an upholstery class after the holidays, my hubby said he'd like to take it too. It'd be nice to know exactly what we are doing when it comes to this upholstery stuff.  Anyway, we used drop cloth fabric on the chairs. I of course had to add a graphic to the seat.  I seen the perfect one at The Graphics Fairy & added it to all four chairs. Here is how they turned out.


Don't you just love that scrolly detail.....

Compliments of The Graphics Fairy!

 All four in their new look....

I love the contrast of the white Gimp against the tan fabric, it really gives it that finished look.

One last look at all that hard work, approximately 25,000 staples & 500 glue sticks later....


Finally a complete set. They look pretty good together, don't you think!? We learned alot from doing this project. First, Don't be afraid of the unknown, do your homework & it's not so intimidating. Second, Get advice when you need it, makes the job so much easier. Third, once you've finished your project the next one will seem so do-able.  I hope this gives you some inspiration to give your scary project a try.  I'd love to hear about it.

 Thanks for visiting & take time to enjoy the Holidays!! Dee

Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Eventful Week

Hello everyone! I hope you all have recovered nicely from your long holiday weekend & are settling in for a busy Christmas Season. I know I am.

This week started out pretty eventful. On Sunday morning I'm sitting at my computer surfing thru the linky parties, enjoying my morning cup of coffee while my husband is in the living room watching the "CBS Sunday Morning" program. All of a sudden he starts shouting "That's your bench!  Dee your bench is on T.V.!!, Kid Rock has your bench!". I'm totally confused. I get up & go into the living room to see what he's yelling about & can't believe my eyes.  There's Kid Rock being interviewed in the Living Room of his home & over his shoulder in the background is my Flag bench.

 I'm freaking out! My mind in saying "It has to be my bench, no one is going to duplicate it & off center the back like mine was when it was built. If they were going to duplicate it they would have corrected that." So I pull up my pictures of this bench & compare them to what I see on the T.V. & they look exactly the same!  A couple of days later I make a delivery to Sassy Fabrics in Grand Blanc, where this bench was sold & I ask Karen (who sold it) if she seen this program? She says no, but that is your bench. It was confirmed! She sold it to Kid Rocks interior designer. She explained that celebrates were very private & she couldn't tell me who bought it when it sold. Woo Hoo!!  You see this bench at the top of my blog.

 So I am already on cloud nine when on Monday I check out The Graphics Fairy & there, being featured, is my "Menu" Dry Erase Board I posted about a couple of weeks ago.  I made it out of a Cabinet door, you can read about it here.  Everyone really seemed to love it because it was featured not one, not two but THREE times!! How awesome is that!? So I have some serious Thanking to do.

First, let me thank Karen at  The Graphics Fairy. She shares the most amazing graphics with us everyday. This is my go to graphic source.      
Secondly, let me thank Claire at The Rustic PigShe has done some beautiful windows herself. 

And Thirdly, let me thank Karen at Redoux. She does some awesome re purposed pieces.

I think that makes for a very Eventful Week don'tcha think? I hope you all have a pleasant weekend & thanks for stopping by.  Dee