Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Shabby little Huny

It's been awhile since my last post. I've been busy with custom work & the flu bug hit my house with a vengence.  Now that things have settled down I was able to get back to painting.  Last month I picked up the cutest little table.

The couple that owned this little table were so nice. Turns out the lady also writes a blog. They own an historical home & are in the process of restoring it. If you get a chance please check out her blog here .

Here is what this little Huny looked like when I picked her up.

I knew I wanted to paint aqua on those sexy legs. Then I painted the top a nice cream so the graphic would really pop on it. I used homemade chalk paint for both colors. Then I went over to the The Graphics Fairy to decide which graphic to use.  I knew I wanted a vintage french advertisement.

I liked the words on this but I didn't like the scrolls that framed it. I just didn't fit the top properly.  I had this cute little stencil that worked perfectly. After I distressed it I gave it a coat of clear wax then a coat of dark wax. I also spray painted the pull black. I think this little table is my favorite.

Sexy legs to go with the bling!

Just the right amount of Shabbiness.


This little Huny was so sweet she sold in two hours at V Trading in Grand Blanc MI. I'm so glad I took my pictures before I took it over there.
Oh well, on to the next one.  Thanks for visiting & have a great day!