Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Windows

I have a thing for old, antique, vintage windows.  They just look cool.  Weather you fancy them up, repurpose them or just leave them in their original state they are so fun.

I have painted my fair share of windows these past couple of years.  You can see an example HereHere & Here.  I love how versatile they can be. 

A couple of months ago a friend of ours was remodeling an old cottage & was replacing the windows. He gave me four of these beauties.

They are BIG!  I'm talkin 32" square.  I so would have loved to just leave them in their original state & hang them all together, either side by side or two on top & two on bottom.  Alas, I just don't have that kind of wall space.  So instead I get to play & create four fun pieces.  

I gave this one a coat of The Vintage Farmhouse Distressing paint, the color is called "Carriage House".

Now for the fun part.  I have been on this "Bird on a wire" kick lately, just can't seem to get it out of my system.  

How cute is that!?

I have it hanging in my booth.

I already have planned out the next two & they are both different without birds.   Do you have antique windows in your decor?
What's your favorite thing to do with old windows?

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  Check us out on Facebook to see what we're up to.  Have a great day!  Dee

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Cream of the Crop 2013

Happy New Year!  I hope your Holidays were everything you hoped for.  Mine were perfectly enjoyable.  Now that we have them behind us it is that time of year again, time to look back.

Drum roll please......

Top three most viewed:

First:  The Charak Table was the most viewed & the most comments.  Oddly enough, we chose not to paint it.

Second most viewed:  Vintage Windows.  This is also one of my personal favorites.

Third most viewed: My Wedding Chairs. This also had the most features.



This antique phone table was so fun to do.  I love the color & the graphic was just perfect.  


My French Laundry vintage ironing board.  I had a new stencil to play with & used a technique I learned years ago when I did Faux Finishing.


This Sweet Waterfall Vanity turned out beautiful.  The vanity & the mirror were both roadside treasures, but what was so surprising was that I found them separately but in the same week. They went together perfectly. Love it when that happens.


The Cornbread Yellow Cabinet was a team effort.  Loved the Chickadees.


This Shabby Lamp Makeover was a challenge but so worth it.


Chippy Blue Dresser was another project we chose not to paint. We loved the color so we just waxed it.


The Medallion coffee table.  I used one of my all time favorite stencils on this.

Gate leg table.  This turned out amazing! It belongs to my vendor sister, Lena.  It's for sale in her booth now, if your interested.


The Serpentine Dresser.  I just realized I have not posted about this beauty.  I will have to do that in the near future because it's worth talking about. 


My Shabby Fireplace is a keeper.  Another roadside treasure!  I plan on holding on to this one a little longer. It looks so nice in my booth as a prop.

It's been an exciting year.  We started teaching paint classes & brought a chalk paint line into our booth at Collette's Vintage & Antique Mall.

This is an amazing paint & very user friendly, it's called The Vintage Farmhouse Distressing Paint.
We also started a Facebook page so you can see what we're up to between posts.  For my birthday my Mom gave me a new camera, so my New Year's resolution is to make the time to take better pictures. 

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this stroll thru my year. I want to thank you all for your kind words, inspiration & encouragement.  
Thanks for visiting me.  I hope you all have a happy, healthy & prosperous year ahead.  Dee