Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Duncan Phyfe Chairs

A couple of weeks ago I found these amazing antique Duncan Phyfe chairs.  They are petite & have beautiful carved flowers on the top & nice curvy legs on the bottom, so much potential. Here is the before picture.

As you can see, there are three armless chairs & one captains chair.

Michigan has been blessed with an early spring this year, so to celebrate I decided to paint them a nice spring yellow (plus I already had yellow on hand). So I gave them two coats of DIY chalk paint in this spring yellow. Not an easy chore painting these by hand. I am hoping to purchase a sprayer this summer, then maybe painting chairs won't be such a pain.

After painting I distressed, waxed & buffed to perfection.  I chose a nice vintage looking fabric & my mom had the cushions redone in record time.

Here's what they look like now.

Perfect for spring!

Love that beautiful detail.


I love the girly fabric with those sexy legs. Shabbylishious!!

These chairs are available at "V Trading" in Grand Blanc, MI if you would like to see them in person.  So has spring inspired your color choice?  Thanks for visiting & have a great day!  Dee

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Set of Drum Tables

A couple of months ago I picked up two very similar drum tables. One had a real leather top & was a little bigger than the other, but they were both wonderful.

I was so excited to score two of these drum tables, I can't believe I actually remembered to get before pictures of both of them.

I started with the larger one first. Luckily the leather was in great shape,no cracks or tears in it. If you follow my blog then you are aware of my clock face obsession. I had painted this exact table many years ago, so I knew just what I wanted to do. I painted the base DIY Chalk paint in Duck Egg Blue & the top in DIY Chalk paint in Old White.

Now it was ready for the clock face.

This table had such great details I decided to use a black glaze on the base so those details would really show up. Check out this beautiful pineapple detail.

I grouped it with these awesome "X" back chairs I painted shabby black. My mom reupholstered the cushions for me & I added the cool black stripes. I think they work well together.


On the second table I decided to do the reverse color combination.


I grouped this table with a pair of wicker bottomed chairs that I painted shabby white & stenciled a black Fleur De lis on the seat.

Available at Sassy Fabrics (V Trading) in Grand Blanc, MI

Notice the subtle difference in these two chairs? Here's what they looked like before.

So much better!

Two similar drum tables, two different looks.

The first one sold at my booth in the first week.  The two white chairs with fluer di lis on them are now available at Sassy Fabrics (V Trading) in Grand Blanc , Mi.

 Wished I could have kept one of the two but, I feel that way about all of my clock faced tables. Well, which one do you like better?
Thanks for visiting & Have a Great Day!  Dee

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Have Won an Award!

I had a wonderful surprise when I checked my email on Saturday morning. Jennifer from The Creviston Nest has given me the Liebster Blog Award.

Thank you Jennifer!!

Where this award began is unclear but it is believed to have started in Germany, Liebster means favorite or dearest. This award features bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Upon accepting the award the recipient must then pass it on to five more blogs of note.

Here are the rules:
1.  Choose five up & coming blogs to award the Liebster to. Blogs must have less than 200 followers.

2.  Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

3.  Post the award on your blog.  List the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their sites.

I am passing the Liebster Award on to the following:

Audra from Simply Salvaged

Angie & Holly from Slip Covered Grey

Colleen from The Painted Turtle

Rebecca from Second Chance Decor

If you get a chance please check out these blogs. These are all very talented ladies that truly deserve some recognition for their hard work.

Thanks for visiting & have a great day!  Dee  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

French Country Hutch

Last week I came across this cute little Hutch.

This is what she looked like when I picked her up.

She had been painted at least four different colors. The last coat of paint was so bad, it had long drip marks just sliding all down the front. It was like the last coat of paint was so thick it just slid & then dried that way.

As you can see, she was Mustard yellow, emerald green with a bad wood stained job on top.  I wanted to take advantage of the nice spring weather, so I put my hubby & son crew to work. They sanded off all her wrinkles.

Now she was ready for paint. I wanted to do a two toned look so I chose Old White & Paris Grey DIY chalk paint.

Ahh!! So much better already.

Gave her alittle French flare.

Added alittle bling.


Now she is ready for her new home!

If you want to see her in person, I have her for sale at my booth in Colette's Vintage & Antiques mall in Burton, Mi. Thanks for visiting & have a great day!  Dee

Friday, March 9, 2012

Butter Yellow With a Hint of Chocolat

Before I get started I would just like to thank everyone for the nice comments & best wishes I have received on my new booth. It's nice to know I have so many new friends out there cheering me on.

Last month I found the cutest coffee table on Craigslist. It has the curvy legs I like & a beautiful scalloped edge around the top.  When I saw the picture I knew just what I wanted to do with her.

Of course she didn't start out like this. This is what she looked like right after I started sanding the top smooth.  I nearly forgot to take a before picture.

 I started out painting the bottom with DIY chalk paint in Wheatfield by Benjamin Moore. I just did a buffet in the same color, you can see it here. 
Then I painted the top in a creamy off white.  Now she was ready for a graphic. I knew I'd find the perfect vintage french advertisement from my favorite source for graphics, The Graphics Fairy.

I decided to try a chocolate brown graphic this time. I think it goes nicely with the butter yellow.  I projected the image onto the top & painted it in. After a little distressing & two coats of wax, both clear & dark, she was ready for pictures.

Such sexy legs!!

I think I'll name her "Sweet Suzanne".  She is available at Collette's Vintage & Antiques Mall in Burton, MI if you want to see her in person. Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!  Dee

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big News!

I have big news to share today. I did it! I opened a booth at Collette's Vintage & Antique Mall in Burton, MI.  My mom & I plan on sharing the space (8x11). It sounds like plenty of room, until you fill it with furniture. 

Looks alittle sparse right now, but I have a couple of more pieces to add.

Just enough room left for my buffet & a cabinet I am working on now.

You'll recognize most of the pieces you see here, except the cute drum table with the X back chairs. I will be writing about those later this week.

My booth is not far from my friend Melissa's booth, from Shabby Love. She is so sweet. We met thru blogging & hope to meet in person very soon. This is her first antique booth venture too. 

Right now it's going to be a beautiful day here in Michigan so I'm off to collect the buffet & get it settled into the booth.  I want to take advantage of this unusually warm weather & get a few things painted outside.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!  Dee

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Sandy" the Buffet

Last month I received an email from a very nice lady looking to have a buffet she just purchased painted. I was very excited because I knew the piece she was talking about. She purchased it from one of the places I consign with, Not 2 Shabby. I've been wanting to paint this style buffet for awhile now.

We decided on a beautiful butter yellow called "Wheatfield" by Benjamin Moore.  She wanted red, but after looking at the colors in her diningroom, we decided on a brighter color. Here's the before pictures:

You'll have to excuse my messy basement, it's to cold here in Michigan to paint outside or even in the garage. My basement is so small that it's hard to get a good picture down there let alone paint a piece this large.

Beautiful details.

I couldn't wait to get started. I mixed up my DIY chalk paint & got started.  Here she is with two fresh coats of paint.

I remembered to snap this shot right after I started glazing. I have this bottomless bucket of dark brown glaze leftover from my faux finishing days. You can see just a peek of it at the bottom of this picture.

Here you can see how nicely the glaze makes the details really pop.

Especially on the doors. Love that detail.

After the glaze had a couple of days to dry it was time to distress & wax. I did a couple of coats of clear wax, then buffed to perfection. 

I added the hardware. It also got a facelift.

I took several pictures of her in her new home, since my basement is to dark & small to get a decent picture.

Shabbylisious legs.


My client was so happy with her new look & so am I. Have you painted one of these beautiful buffets? I would love to hear what color you painted yours.  Thanks for visiting & have a great day!  Dee