Saturday, January 14, 2012

My clock face obsession.

I admit it I have an obsession.  A clock face obsession.  It all started when I wanted a very large oval clock.  I couldn't find one as big as I wanted. I'm talking like 35" to 40" big.  I seen a picture of a handmade clock in a magazine called "Paint Decor" or "Decorated with Paint". Sadly both of these magazines are no longer in publication.  It was cool because these magazines gave you templates for some of the projects.  Well I went right out & purchased all my supplies & with the help of my hubby we cut out the oval from MDF. Not as easy as it sounds. And that is where my obsession began.

36" x 27" with 12" hands 

Several years ago I found the sweetest little round coffee table.  It was perfect to put a clock face on.  This was back before I discovered chalk paint.

It had the cutest base.  I painted the base a celery green & glazed it a warm cafe. I fell in love all over again.

I also painted this one at the same time. I loved the shape of this one, so perfectly square.

And it also had a cool base. I painted it red first then black & distressed it so the red showed thru in places.

This is my Dining room table.  It was one of those parkay floor looking tops.  I did a faux finish on the top with some killer glaze, then painted the clock face on. 

This past fall I was browsing in the consignment shop I now sell my pieces at, & I came acrossed this very unique coffee table.  It was pushed into a dark corner feeling very lonely.  It was covered in cobwebs & dust.  I am a bad blogger, I don't have any before pictures of this stuff.  I get so excited to start that I am usually into the second coat of paint before I remember to take pictures. Sorry, this year I promise to do better. Anyway, This table had my mind whirling.  I could just see the potential.  I could actually envision just what it would look like when I was done with it.

I used the same graphic, but I think I like this coffee table better than the first one. This sold in the first few days it was in the shop.  In fact the nice lady that bought it had me paint some old end tables she had the same colors to match the coffee table.  Don't you just love doing this painted stuff?

So that is my guilty painting obsession, clock faces.  Do you have any painting obsessions you'd like to share?


  1. I love this!!! Keep up the great work!!! You inspire me with your stuff!!! Boy, do I have lots of work for you!!! Tammy (the coffee table gal)

    1. I was luckey to have one of your clock table for my living room. It is so unique. EVERYONE always has to comment how pretty it is. I LOVE HAVING IT. NOW I need the real clock. GREAT STUFF !

  2. Those are SO cool! My son was obsessed with "ocks" when he was tiny, and I would have loved to buy one of these. It's a good thing you aren't local to me, or i'd be broke, with a houseful of furniture! ;)

  3. These are so awesome. I have clocks all over my house, and I love them. I'm trying not to overdo it, but there's just something about a beautiful old style clock...I love how you've transferred that beauty into something new. ♥

  4. so funny~ we think alike i too am obsessed with clock faces latley and i too also painted a table top! :) check it out ~

    Yours are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  5. What a wonderful obsession! I love all your tables! Thanks so much for joining the party! Since you linked up on the last day, I wouldn't mind if you linked up again. I'd love for more people to find you!

  6. nice work! i especially love that first round one- so perfect!!!

  7. Dee, you do the most amazing job on clock faces! What's the easiest way to do the graphics? Yours are the best I've seen and I have a couple tables just waiting for this treatment.

  8. Hello! I discovered by chance browsing the web! I too like you I have an obsession with clocks! have a timeless appeal .. and like you I like to create them .. In these days we created another .. if you want I will see you again! hello ^ ^

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