Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Three Spaniards

It seems like lately every thing my Mom & I paint is either Pure White, Old White, Paris Grey, Black or Duck Egg Blue.  Now I'm not complaining, I love all of those colors. Especially since they are good sellers for me. I've been doing some experimenting & have found (at least in my booth) if I stick to those five colors, they sell. It gives me almost a monochromatic palette with the Duck Egg being the one pop of color. I Love It......

About a month ago I found these cute petite chairs:

They had such a unique shape & they were made in Spain, hence the title "The Three Spaniards". The rush seats were shot on two of them so my Mom & I had to get creative with them. We decided to upholster the frame that the rush was woven on. Not an easy task, but we came up with something that worked out pretty well. Here's what they look like now:

We painted the chairs Duck Egg Blue, upholstered the seats in drop cloth & added a graphic to the cushion.

I found this nice wine graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

These little chairs looked so much better painted.

I just love those sexy legs...

So I guess my go to color lately is Duck Egg Blue. Do you have a go to color or color combo that you love?

The Three Spaniards are for sale at Sassy Fabrics (V Trading) in Grand Blanc, MI.  Thanks for visiting & have a great day! Dee


  1. Your chairs are beautiful! I love the graphic on the seat!

  2. I would not have known where to start to fix those seats!!! Great job, they look fantastic now!!

  3. those are so pretty! i love the shape and color!

  4. Those are really great chairs! And the duck egg blue looks great on them! I think I actually prefer your seats to the original.

  5. Perfect & the graphic on the seat is the winning touch!

  6. Cool chairs! Love the graphic on the seat. The title caught me, and when I looked at them their tops DO look like a matadors hat! So fun!

  7. Love the three Spaniards and I'm actually a "Robin's Egg Blue" lover myself:) It's hard to tear away from it but I find when I do, I typically go to another blue (ha). Some things don't change with me :)
    Visiting from POWW

  8. Great chairs! Love the graphic, the color and those curvy legs!

  9. I love the shape and the look of the chairs as is, but you made them fabulous with a coat of paint and covered seats!!!!

    I tend to use white, white, and more white for all my stuff. :) I'm sure it's boring to some, but I love the crisp, clean look! :) I'm thinking about introducing some super pale blue into my booth soon. It's the color of our bedroom so I have some leftover paint I can use.

    I love seeing all your latest projects!

  10. How sweet are these chairs.. the graphic on the seat is perfect. The blue/gray color makes it. . Great job.. Hugs, Cindy