Saturday, December 17, 2011

Repurposed Treasures

Through the years I have tried to make a conscious effort to repurpose when ever I can in my work.  A couple of years ago I was looking through a Ballard's catalog for some inspiration & seen a big sign that had a unique shape.  It looked like a headboard.  So I started my search for the perfect shaped headboard to make my sign.  I wanted it BIG. 

I finally found something on Craigs list & brought it home.  It had enormous round posts on either side that were solid wood.  With the help of my hubby, we cut off the monster posts & I had a perfectly shaped sign. 

I wanted it to look old & elegant yet shabbylisious.  I painted, crackled, glazed & distressed this beauty.  Now it hangs proudly in my dining room, right over my clock faced kitchen table (I'll show you that another day).

Here are some pictures of some other repuposed treasures:

vintage sewing machine drawers

old bolt barrels

coffee table top into functional clock

It's very satisfying knowing that when you repurpose you are in some small way making a difference by not sending more junk to our landfills.
Have you repurposed anything cool lately?  I would love to see what treasures you have created.  Have a great day!  Dee 


  1. I think it should be a sin that some people could be so talented & getting better as the years go by. Keep up the good work! Estela

  2. Great stuff Dee! Do you have a shop? i would love to get stuff like that for my home. Very unique! Sandy

  3. I love everything! Especially the sign and those vintage sewing machine drawers! I wish I'd find some of those! Happy crafting!

  4. Love the barrels! They are so cool! New Follower!