Thursday, August 9, 2012

Color of the week: Duck Egg Blue

Lately it seems like every week we are painting several pieces at a time in one color. Three weeks ago it was black, two weeks ago it was white & last week it was my all time favorite Duck Egg Blue.
We painted three large pieces in this beautiful color. Let me start with the one that was most challenging:

This was the sneak peek I teased you with last week. Here is what it looked like when I bought it off Craig's List:

This little cutie was in pieces, the man I bought it from had started to restore it & then stopped. So I got it for a song but had to figure it out like a puzzle. The drawer needed a new bottom & new drawer glides. The glass was original but very discolored & we only had about half of the cool wood appliques. Here is the puzzle all put together:


We painted the body DIY Chalk paint in Duck Egg Blue, the shelves are in Paris Grey & the appliques are in Old White. We used this beautiful toile contact paper on the inside & in the drawer & polished up the original hardware. I wanted to do something different with the door since the glass was in rough shape. We decided to try the chicken wire, I sprayed it black & nailed it in place of the glass. After two coats of ASCP clear wax it was complete. On to the next piece:

This is what I teased you with last week. Here is how this darling vanity looked before:

My mom found it at a garage sale & it was the score of the week! Here is my little assistant giving me a hand. All this vanity needed was a new chain for the mirror. Here is how it looked after:


I swear this color would make anything look better....

Once again I used one of my favorite graphics from The Graphics Fairy.  We lined the inside with the same toile contact paper & used the original hardware. Gave it two coats a ASCP clear wax & buffed to perfection!

Now last but not least: last weeks teaser:

Here is the before:

This waterfall vanity was a roadside treasure! It was given to me by my new favorite person, Paul.  Thank you Paul!  It was missing the mirror & all the hardware. Not perfect but still had potential. We added some trim on the back to fill the void where the mirror went & filled the holes on the drawers.
Here is the after:

Super cute with the new color & some fancy new bling.....

You would never even know there used to be a mirror there. My Mom had a stool that matched perfectly, it also got a face lift. Here is the graphic I chose for it. Guess where from? You got it The Graphics Fairy.

Sigh...... Can you believe what people throw out?


Here they are together. A perfect pair.

Fortunately we are not the only ones that like Duck Egg Blue, we took these three pieces to Karen at Sassy Fabrics (V Trading) in Grand Blanc, Mi & the chicken wire cabinet & the water fall vanity set sold right away.  

Next week I think we'll try something different, maybe red. Thanks for visiting & have a great week!  Dee


  1. Maravillosos trabajos.

  2. Funny how we get stuck on a colour and then switch to another. Nice job on those pieces! ~ Maureen

  3. All three pieces turned out so beautiful Dee!!!! So many perfect details! I'm so excited for you that two of them sold already!!!! :)

  4. Wow, you've been busy! They are all three fantastic. I love the first piece with the chicken wire door. Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  5. I must live in the wrong area! No one throws stuff like that away here! Lovely use of the graphics, thank you for sharing.

  6. they are all so pretty! i love the china cabinet and the backing!

  7. They are all so beautiful! Duck egg is a really nice color!

  8. Happy to feature you at our party this morning! Hope to see you back again soon!

  9. Your furniture transformations are beautiful! I love your cabinet in duck egg blue with the paper/fabric on the back.

  10. All of your makeovers are really great. You do such beautiful work.

  11. I am really enjoying your blog. Personally, I never cared much for the waterfall style, but the way you did this one up has real verve! I will have to reevaluate this style in the future.

    Would you mind sharing: are you a hand-sander, or do you use a machine? Do you use steel wool or sanding blocks? Everyone has their own routine, and I was wondering what your preference is.